Monday, April 25, 2011

Tests/Materials for April 25 - April 29

Tuesday -

Science - Circulatory System Test

Science - two kinds of seeds due

Paper Packets go home.

Wednesday -

RSVP - Chapter 22 Test

Spelling - Lesson 33 Test

Paper packets and reading log due.

*Delta State students will be teaching.

Thursday -

Reading - Charley Skedaddle Overall Vocabulary Test

Social Studies - States and Capitals test over the Northeast, South, and Midwest

Bible Verse check

Friday -

Reading - Charley Skedaddle Comprehension Quiz

Looking Ahead:

Wednesday, May 4 - Chapter 18 Social Studies Test

Thrusday, May 5 - States and Capitals Test over all 50 states
Reading Book Report

Friday, May 6 - May Day Play Day

Friday, May 13 - New Song Trip

Tuesday, May 17 - Sixth Grade Graduation - Fifth Grade hosts reception for the graduates

Friday, April 8, 2011

Test/Materials for April 11 - April 15

Monday - Book Fair begins Tuesday - Social Studies - Chapter 16 Test Paper packets go home. Wednesday - Reading - Reading log due Spelling - Lesson 31 Test Signed paper packets returned. Thursday - Science - Respiratory System Test English - Unit 11 Test Bible Verse check Friday - Reading - Charley Skedaddle Vocabulary Test RSVP - Chapter 21 Test Upcoming Topics/Activites in 5th Grade: Reading - We are doing a novel study on the book Charley Skeddadle. Each week we will introduce new vocabulary terms and read assigned chapters. The students will also be answering comprehension questions over specific sections. The students are free to bring these books home, but since they are paperback extra care will need to be taken to be sure the books stay in good condition. If books are lost, then the student will have to pay to replace it. Math - In preparation for a Math Unit concerning writing checks, keeping a checkbook record, and reconciling a bank statement, our fifth graders are reviewing how to work with decimals. You and your child can find the decimal concepts we will cover in Chapter 10 of our math book. As always, we encourage the students to take their books home (not classwork or worksheets) in order to share this information with you. The activities connected with the Checkbook Unit are real-life skills that our students can use. Social Studies - The focus of our study will be more current history of our country over the next few chapters. In addition, we are learning the states and capitals of our country. The students will locate each state on a blank map. Correct spelling of the states is required because these states names will be included in our last three Spelling lessons. This will be done by regions of the country. English - We are finishing up our study of adverbs and will be starting to learn about prepositions, conjunctions, and interjections. Each student will begin writing an autobiography, and we will need your help with supplying information and pictures. Much of this work, but some of these pages will need to be completed at home. Science - We are studying the major systems of the human body. This material is not contained in our textbooks. So, you won't be seeing these books at home. The students are given notes and informational pages to teach the material. When we finish this study, we will begin a study of the plants.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Tests/Materials for April 4 - April 8

Monday - We welcome Gracie Peltan to the 5th grade! We are glad she is here! Congratulations to Bryer Weast for doing well at the State Geography Bee on Friday. Tuesday - RSVP - Chapter 20 Test Math - Chapter 8 Test Social Studies - Chapter 15 Test Report Cards and Paper Packets go home. Both should be signed and returned on Wednesday. Wednesday - Spelling - Lesson 30 Test Science - Digestive System Test Social Studies - Unit 7 Open Book Test Reading - Reading Log due Thursday - Bible Verse check Friday - Social Studies - States and Capitals Test on the Northeast States Reading - Charley Skedaddle Vocabulary Quiz UPCOMING EVENTS: Book Fair : April 11 - April 14 Checkbook Unit : Begins soon